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Patrick Gregory, CFA is the Managing Director of the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance, Director of the Babson College Fund, and a professor in the Finance Division at Babson College. He also sits on the Investment Committee, which oversees the College’s endowment.

Patrick was an institutional portfolio manager and senior equity analyst at FM Global from 2007-2015. He managed the Healthcare, Telecom, and Internet sectors of a $6 billion large cap portfolio. He was also responsible for the selection and ongoing evaluation of nearly $1 billion allocated to third-party investment managers.

Prior to working at FM Global, Patrick was a full-time faculty member at Bentley College from 1998-2007. While at Bentley, he was the Director of Graduate Programs in Finance, coordinating the development of two AACSB-accredited Master’s degree programs. He then served as the Managing Director of the Hughey Center for Financial Services, providing strategic direction for the Center’s research, teaching, and asset management activities. Patrick was the only non-tenured faculty member to ever receive the Davis Fellowship at Bentley College. He was also the recipient of the Masnicki Award and the Innovation in Teaching Award.

Patrick has taught graduate, undergraduate, and professional education courses in investments, risk management, portfolio management for more than 15 years. He has also taught in the CFA review programs offered at the Boston Security Analyst Society (BSAS), Wellington Management, T.RowePrice, and Fidelity to name a few.

Patrick is the co-author of the best-selling book Why Stocks Go Up and Down and author of Financial Management: A Guide to Value Creation. Given his academic and industry experience, Patrick has appeared on CNN and CNBC and provided commentary to a number of news sources including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Boston Globe, and the LA Times.


Managing Director, Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance

Babson College

Portfolio Manager and Analyst

FM Global

Professor of Finance

Bentley College

Master of Business Administration

Saint Bonaventure University

Master of Science in Financial Planning

Bentley College

Certificate (Adv Certificate in Risk Management)

University of Chicago

Chartered Financial Analyst

2010 – Present

Certified Risk Manager

2003 – 2008


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I joined the Babson faculty in August 2015. With prior experience as an equity analyst and portfolio management, I typically teach investment-related courses. I also teach in-house CFA programs at Fidelity, Wellington, and T.Rowe Price as well as those offered through the Boston Security Analyst Society. Program and course descriptions are provided below.

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Through my consulting practice, I provide investment and financial advisory services to high net worth individuals, endowments, and corporations.

Our book was an Amazon best seller and is a favorite among value investors. In 2016, we were pleased to have the book listed in Value Walk’s Top 5 Investing Books along with the Graham’s Intelligent Investor and Fisher’s Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Interest in the book has been favorably impacted by the release of the film The Big Short, which prominently features Michael Burry, the founder of Scion Capital and one of the few investors to deliver high returns during the financial crisis. Dr. Bury recommended Why Stocks Go Up and Down as one of the 4 fundamental investing texts on his investment blog, which was widely followed by institutional investors.
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My office at Babson College is located at 223 Tomasso Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts. A campus map and directions to my office can be found below.